Learning about Flowering Plants

In this project third graders will discover many aspects of flowering plants. Students will learn about a plant’s parts, life cycle, and needs, and why plants are important. I will provide videos and informative articles for students to review, and they will show what they have learned by making a PowerPoint Presentation. The instructions will show, step-by-step how to make each slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

Before beginning, students should click on the following video link to learn about plant life cycles:   Click here for “Plant Life Cycle” video

Now you have a basic understanding of plant life cycles. You are ready to begin your PowerPoint presentation! Go ahead and open PowerPoint to start creating.

  • Slide 1: Create a title about plant life (i.e. “All About Plants,” “The Life of a Plant,” or anything you can come up with). Underneath the Title, as a Subtitle, enter your first and last name.
  • Slide 2, The Parts of a Plant: Use what you learned from the video about the parts of a flowering plant, to label the roots, stem, leaf, and flower. For help with this, Click here for “Plant Parts” website. (You can also copy the labeled yellow flower picture at the top of this page, and paste it onto your slide. Next to each part of the flower, insert a text box with a brief description of what each part does for the plant).
  • Slide 3, Plant Life Cycle: On this slide, you will make and label the flowering plant’s life cycle. (Go to “Insert,” to “SmartArt.” On the left of the pop-up box, click on “Cycle,” and choose any one of the first 5 cycle charts shown.) Here you will label and give a brief description of the life cycle, including the following stages: Seeds, Germination, Growth, Flowers, and Pollination in each box of the cycle. (Refer back to the video for information on describing the 5 stages).
  • Slide 4, Caring for Plants: On this slide, list what a plant needs in order to grow, and describe how to take care of a plant. (Information at the end of the video you watched).
  • Slide 5, Why Are Plants Important?: On this slide, list reasons that humans need plants, and why they are so important to us. For he Click here to find out why plants are important.

Once you have completed all 5 slides, go back and make sure your PowerPoint is well-done and looks presentable! Add backgrounds, and interesting fonts, but don’t overdo it!

To see how you will be graded, click here: Plant Life WebQuest RUBRIC