Emily Robertson’s Web 2.0 suggestions video is a life-saver for educators on a budget. Like she said, some tools can be expensive, but her review of top-tier, free 2.0 tools can save anyone lots of money.

Probably among my favorites of the tools she reviewed was Google Drive. Google offers so many types of tools online. From spreadsheets to slideshow presentations, Google has it all. Google Drive is an awesome way to create a post things publicly and a wonderful way to collaborate with other users. Like Emily mentioned, this is a great way to work together in group projects.  All members can see what was posted, and any edits or changes made to those posts, in a clear and organized way. I have recently witnessed the convenience of Google Docs spreadsheets in planning a weekend trip with a group of friends. This was a way to show the prices of everything and what everyone owed. It helped immensely. I also have observed at a high school that has their students set up a Gmail account and use this to turn in and present many projects.  I would definitely integrate Google Drive into the classroom  in this same way, because it provides a clear and uniform way for students to create and share assignments.

Watch “Simple & Free Web 2.0 Tools for Improving Student Engagement”