Interactive whiteboards can be a very engaging tool in a classroom, when used wisely. For example, in her blog “10 Reasons to Ditch the Board,” Lisa Nielsen comments that the boards do not come cheap and that there are often problems with the technology being glitchy. It is also very easy for a teacher to have their back turned to the class when demonstrating something on the board, which is not a good way to engage the students. These are all big issues.

In my elementary school days, I remember one of my classrooms having an interactive “SmartBoard” and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Every student got excited to get their turn to go up to the board and do an activity.  This was a great way to get the class engaged and involved.

My opinion is that these interactive boards can be a great tool, when used wisely.  It would not bode well for an educator to give an entire lesson on the whiteboard, but to present information in another way and then have the whole class do an activity on the interactive whiteboard.whiteboard1