Directed instruction and inquiry-based instruction are both vital methods of education. The objectivist view, directed instruction, is a means of simply transmitting necessary information from teacher to student.  This is teacher-centered, with a pre-defined set of information and a plan.   On the other hand, inquiry-based instruction is a constructivist method that uses a student-centered approach.  This allows students to “create their own knowledge” to learn and interpret information in their own unique way.  I see the importance of both of these methods, and think they should each be used in different aspects of education, to benefit students the most. As a teacher, I would probably take more of a constructivist approach, as much as possible, but used in a practical way.  Each individual student learns differently, and I think this method allows for them to do so.  Inquiry-based instruction also allows for students to dig deeper in order to get a more profound comprehension of certain information.  That being said, I personally think that a more objectivist method should be used in transmitting basic information to students, but a constructivist approach should be used in addition, to allow students to grasp the information in the best way they know, and to really comprehend it.

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